Wiring Connection Tool
When wiring in the Austin Healey, the bullet connectors can be a pain in the backside or the fingers.  The sleeve connector, if new is sworn to be too small, or if used, is too big. 
Well, the tool that I have found to work best on these connections is one that I made during my rebuild of my BN6. 
I started out trying to use pliers and then after many pinched fingers knew that this was not going to work.  What was needed was an adjustable opening wrench something like an adjustable spanner but adjustable during use.  Wait, what is this?  A pair of old channel locks?  That works great when adjusted down for compressing those old sleeve connectors back into a tight fit on the bullet connectors.  But I still need to find a way to push the bullet connectors into the sleeve.  Trying to use the pair of channel locks as they are works, sort of.  However, again my fingers were taking the brunt of the pinching action.  Then a brain storm hit and I realized that if the jaws of the channel locks had a groove in them they could straddle the wire and crimp down on the connectors.  This was the final fix.  The jaws are opened enough to fit over the connectors and when squeezed together they push everything into place.    The groove was fine adjusted to fit any of the wires on the standard harness.  

Please refer to the two above pictures. 
Of course you can buy one of those stamped out tin tools from your local supplier for $40 plus shipping which does not use a straight on push, but rather a pivot rotary movement. 

Phil Daniels, President,
Your Austin Healey Owners of Onalaska (YAHOO)
As in all my trials and tours, my ideas and memberships are but the cost of a Pint of Irish Death.  The patent will be leased to those wishing to use it. 
Wiring Connection Tool