Bill Waters

       April 17, 1941 - November 25, 2010

Vice President January 1, 2010 - Nov 25, 2010
Originally from Kansas City, MO, Bill moved to Vancouver in 1969 with his wife, Joanne having just completed his PhD at the University of Wisconsin. He joined the Faculty of Economics at the University of British Columbia and spent 34 productive years in both the Economics and Commerce Faculties with a specialization in Transport Economics. In the field of Transportation studies, Bill was widely published and regularly consulted for his expertise by government and private industry alike.
Outside of professional life, Bill lived life to the fullest. He was a loving and wise father to Wendy and Eric and more recently an enthusiastic Grandpa to Ella, Alex, Megan and Zadie.
He was also a man of many hobbies that came and went through different phases of life. As a youngster, he enjoyed activities such as hunting, camping and drag racing which morphed into a lifelong love for tinkering with his dream car, a ’63 Austin Healey. Bill was an avid outdoorsman and loved fishing, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, as well as both cross country and downhill skiing. He also devoted considerable passion toward target shooting and ice hockey with the UBC Old Birds.
Bill was an avid traveler. This was evident through sabbaticals to England, as well as several to Australia during his professional life. Upon retirement, he and Joanne tried to fit in as many adventures as possible throughout North America in their motor home.
Bill was much loved by his family and was fortunate to have forged many strong friendships that he valued deeply.
Bill acquired his Healey in about 1976. Shortly after that, he joined the Austin Healey Owners Association of British Columbia. Unfortunately club records do not indicate how long he maintained his membership but at some point he allowed it to lapse. He rejoined the Club several years ago.
He was actively working on a home restoration of his car while still maintaining the ability to drive it. At the Barbeque at the Waters residence in August he showed us the work that he’d done and explained what he anticipated doing before a repaint. It was getting close.
Bill stepped up to the plate at the Christmas Party in 2009. The club had a vacancy in the Vice president position and, as usual, there was no stampede of volunteers to fill the position. Bill and John Elliott conferred and agreed that while each would not be here all of the time, between them they could fill both the position of President and Vice President. Bill volunteered to take on the position of Vice President while John continued on as President. It soon became apparent that Bill was taking the position seriously. In August 2009 he and Joanne hosted a Club BBQ and meeting at their house in West Vancouver. This was preceded by a Club drive through West Van. Bill also took on the Vice president task of managing the Nells Cup award.
He volunteered to organize the 2010 NW Meet to be held in September and was well on his way to finalizing that event. Fortunately he was accompanied by Andy Jones and Michele Karatnyk who kept good notes and were able to carry on.
Organizations like the AHOABC are fortunate that there are people like Bill in the membership. When the need arose he unhesitatingly stepped up and volunteered to accept a vacant position. He went on to fill that position with enthusiasm and care.
Bills position on his car was that he was working steadily on it and that one day it would be ready for paint but that he would continue to drive it even though as he put it, it didn’t “look pretty”.

Our most sincere condolences go out to Joanne and the rest of Bill’s family.