Michael passed away on November 10, 2022. He has been battling two forms of cancer, prostate and pancreatic. He beat the prostate into submission, and fought courageously on the other, not giving in right to the end and it was his choice to go, not the cancer`s.

It is said by wise people that you can take account of your life by the friends you make during the journey. I believe that is true, and my life is incredibly richer having had him as a friend.

Let me tell you a little about Michael that you may not have known.
Did you know he loved aircraft, and had a long career in the airline industry, rising to become assistant to the president of the airlines.

Did you know that one career he had was as a business consultant? He would be called in to assess a failing company, create a correction plan and then implement it. I was privileged to be able to take advantage of that talent and improve my business on several occasions.

Did you know that Michael loved British Classics, especially Austin Healey`s, (of course you did!), but he had not developed the skills to care for or improve them, so he needed such an expert. It was a delicious destiny that he and I met, and I got to fill that need and forge a lasting friendship that went so far beyond mechanical issues.

Did you know he sold his beloved Healey, and it is in the care of a collector that showers it with attention and drives it?

Did you know Michael had a flair for wood and metal working? He designed and built from scratch a WWII Spitfire fighter. He completed it just weeks before he passed and it is mounted on a swivel base in his yard, and in the breeze, it will nose into the wind and the propeller spins. In the picture you can see another passion of his, rescuing dogs at risk, Big Dogs that found it hard to find new loving homes. They thrived in Michael and Nicole`s home

Also, several weeks before his passing, He and Nicole traveled to his birthplace in England to visit his Mum and Nicole`s sister for a wonderful time.
Just before they left for the U.K., Laurie and I had the chance to visit them at their home on Vancouver Isle. The moral to these two items is, do not put off what you feel is important to do.

He will be keenly missed.
Steve Day