Canadian Car Towing Eyes
by Jim Morrison

In response to some discussion on the Healey e-mail list about the "towing eyes" which were fitted to cars shipped directly to Canada, and the
obvious difficulty in describing the beasts, I removed one of mine, traced it, measured it, and offer it here for any and all who may be interested.

The stock is just over 1/8" thick and is fairly soft. These eyes are bolted to the insides of the frame members right at the front, with the long part sloping slightly upwards and the bend pointing down, so the eyes are clear of the front body shroud. However, they tend to hit those low concrete parking curbs, which the shroud hopefully clears. They are a good reminder of the low clearance of the front shroud and do, in fact, provide protection for the shroud and the stabilizer bar mounting brackets.

The large hole is approx. 1-3/16" in diameter and the two smaller ones are each 3/8".
The width across the bracket where the small hole (the leftmost hole) is located is 1-
3/8". The 3/8" dimesion on the left is the offset between the centrelines of the two
smaller holes.