Pub night (outside)
pub night (outside)
Pub night (outside)
Pub Night (inside)
Pub night - inside
Nigel finds out what a
The President - welcomes everyone at the Meet and Greet
As usual at the Meet and Greet - lots of food.
The Meet and Greet
The car show morning - started out a little wet
As the morning wore on, the day got nice and sunny
Lots of people from the city showed up
Steve and Christopher Day to the rescue!
Even the Ducks dropped by to see the cars
The cars were beautiful
There weren't a lot of 100-6's for the anniversary
something new - an English Boot Sale
Concours - 2 absolutely beautiful 100M's
They both rightly achieved Gold!
When Phil Daniels moved his car this is what he saw.
There were about 15 little chicks looking for Mom
The ever popular Steve Day Tech Sessions
The Ladies food demo and Lunch
She made it look easy!
It looked so good.
The now traditional Drive Thru tech Session
It gets more and more popular
The crowds grew as the session continued
The awards dinner and Auction
The awards dinner and Auction
and the buiffet
Steve - the Auctioneer
Beckie Daniels gorgeous hand made Quilt saw a real bidding war
Mike Roberts and his
The awards were al ittle different his year
Lynn Martin announces the results of the Concours Judging
The after dinner room parties
The weather on the way home could have been better!
It was ugly!
Penticton B.C.
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