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Alderbrook Resort, Hood Canal, Washington
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The Chuckanut -early morning. Beautiful drive!
The long arm of the law and a woeful Healey
Special Healey lanes on the ferry.
Lunch stop at Fat Smitty's
Meet and Greet on Monday night
The car show, and yes, John Lowsley actually has a Healey!
More car show
There wouldn't be a car show without the Sprites
A very nice engine bay
More car show
Concours Judging
They really get serious in Concours Judging
A leisurely lunch by the Canal
The ladies Breakfast Tea
The silent  auction
The live auction
The Resort - most of the Healeys are off on drives
The awards banquet
One of the handmade awards
Around the fiore with a guitar playing singer
One of the outdoor soirees
Steve and helen Pike from Oz
Gord proves you can always get one molre thing in your Healey (at your wifes insistence)
Nuclear Sub passing Port Townsend on it's way home
It wouldn't be Rendezvous without Lois
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2015 Rendezvous, Alderbrook Resort, Hood Canal, Washington