1.  Remove interior door handle by pushing back the plate behind the circular part of the door handle to expose the retaining pin and pushing/pulling the pin out.  It’s not easy to do this because there is not much room to push the plate far enough to expose the pin.  Pushing the pin out might be made easier with an awl, or long pointed object such as a stiff wire, and needle nosed pliers to grasp and pull out the pin.

2.  Remove the window winder handle by pushing back the escutcheon enough to expose the retaining pin.  This is a little easier than the door handle because the escutcheon (circular plastic piece) has a spring behind it and therefore it is easier to expose the pin.

3.  Remove the door pull handle just under the armrest by removing the two screws.

4.  Remove the door upholstery panel by popping out the retaining spring pins with a thin, flat object like a paint scraper.  The hidden pins are spaced at intervals around the back and lower edges of the door panel, which is retained at the front by hooking over the door flange.

5.  Remove the water/vapor barrier that should be behind the upholstery panel and stuck or taped to the door to cover the inner door openings.

6.  Remove the vent window rubber tip at the top of the door glass front channel.

6.  Remove the rear-most of the two bolts attaching the window regulator stop (and loosen the front bolt if necessary) and swing it down out of the way of the regulator gear sector.

6.  Temporarily install the window winder handle and crank the glass up (hold onto the glass to keep it from falling) until the regulator arm comes out of the channel on the glass frame. 

7.  Lift the glass up through the space between the brush and rubber window seals at the top of the door and remove it from the car.
BJ7 & BJ8  Door Glass Removal