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Parts For Sale

BJ7 or BJ8 Points 
Need a set of points for your BJ7 or BJ8?
I have several sets, English made,  available at $5.00 per set.
Call Brian at 604 940 8676      0r



I have a complete 1275 engine for sale, plus a few extra parts.
Big valve cylinder head machined and assembled with new valves; has been machined and crankshaft has been polished. pistons have been installed onto the rods. bearings, gaskets etc. included. camshafts - one is original and the other is a fresh medium performance grind by Shadbolt. starter, 2 flywheels, exh. manifold, and intake manifold for 1-1/2" carbs. of H4 carbs included.
$1500 takes it all - plus bonus ribcase gearbox for rebuild or parts. the space!
Any questions call me Rick (604)807-4019

Glass windshield for BJ7 or BJ8.

Purchased new from Austin Healey Spares. Never used and still in packing  material
- perfect condition. 
Asking $475.00

Contact: Garth at or  778-430-1757

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                                    BJ7, BJ8 Points
                                   "More Healeys"Book

New Chrome Knock Off - one only

Left Side, Thread Size - 12 T.P.I
Fits Big Healeys but not BJ8
Brand new - never used -
    Contact :

More Healeys - Frog-eyes, Sprites and Midgets by Geoffrey Healey (1978).

Outstanding condition with book jacket. Contains many black and white images as well as text. A must for owners of these cars.
For sale- $50.00
  Doug Sturrock

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