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Vancouver Island Tour 2008
North West Meet 2010 - Lake Chelan, Washington
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We were a couple of the first cars to arrive.
It didn't take long after that for the parking lot to begin to fill up.
The Thursday night dinner.
Lunch on Friday at a very unique location
Out for a drive and sure enough out comes the map.
Friday night and a little socializing
Saturday and the parking lot was full
Lining up for a drive to dinner
Dinner was at a winery. Another unique location.
The place was a great photo-op.
The proverbial repair - a shock fell right off.
Saturday night and the awards and thank yous.
Nigel Lamb and his beautful 100-4
There is a story behind the little deer emblem on Phil  Daniel's car
The Hot-Wheels race.
I tell the group that next years location is- well - a secret
The 2010 North West Meet was held in Lake Chelan Washington and was hosted by the Cascade Austin Healey Club