2020 North West  Meet
The Date for the North West Meet has been established as :
September 24th Thursday (for those that wish to come a day earlier)
Friday, September 25  and Saturday September 26th
Head for home Sunday September 26th

Currently the Harrison Hot Springs Resort will be the Host Hotel and arrangements are being finalized.
By March 18th arrangements will be finalized and published here.
SEPTEMBER 24th, 25th, 26th and leave for home on SEPTEMBER 27th.
The AHOABC Executive and the North West Meet organizing Team looked at the possibility of still putting on this event. It was scheduled for September which is 3- 4 months away. However, the roadblocks that were up made the feasibility of continuing to plan for it quite unrealistic. Primarily, the restrictions on gatherings of crowds of over 50 people was forecast to last well into the fall. The U.S./Canadian border situation is another unknown. The possibility of a second Covid19 wave was another frightening possibility. The hotel we had planned on using has laid of an number of staff including their events person so planning was difficult. In addition it would be impossible for the participants to plan a trip when it wasn't even known if it would happen.
The only responsible thing for us to do was to cancel it in it's entirety. We, as well as club members from other clubs may still want to plan shorter more local tours that can be arranged overnight.
WE hope to see everyone at events in 2021 if all goes well.
Stay safe and healthy.