Roy Moore
The Austin-Healey world lost a real enthusiast and I lost a good friend when Roy Moore passed away in Victoria the morning of Wednesday, November 23 after an incredibly brave fight with cancer.  As Rick Bjorndahl put it in a recent e-mail to me - “when our time comes, hopefully we’ll drive that road as admirably as he has.”
Roy had almost completed his last full restoration - a beautifully done BN6 for Ian Hughes of Victoria.  I understand that this was his 33rd restoration for clients over the course of his career, although I believe that the number is considerably higher when the partials are considered. He had done many restorations for AHOABC members:  Mark Norris’s BJ8, Don Manning’s BN7 tri-carb, Rick Bjorndahl’s BJ8, to name a few.  I include myself in that list, if I ever get my BJ8 fired up.  I’ll do it this coming spring - sadly without his nagging at me to get on with it.
Those who knew him knew that Roy could be cranky at times, especially with Healey owners who in his opinion didn’t measure up to the job.  But he always had time to help with Healeys, whether by way of advice - which he gave freely and profusely, the supplying of parts, or actually helping people work on their cars.  He would very often jump into his car with his tools and make ‘Healey house calls’ if someone had a need.  His garage door was usually open, and there always seemed to be a bunch of friends - Healey friends and others - gathered around.
I know of few other people who had as much knowledge about Healeys as Roy did - it was definitely a passion for him.  He was truly a ‘get your hands dirty’ kind of guy.  In addition, as I got to know him, I realised that he was much the same in the other facets of his life, especially in his deep appreciation of his wife Lis, and their children and many grandchildren.
He was always generous with help and advice for people who were dealing with illness or other difficulties. I know this from personal experience, as well as from speaking with others.  He cared about people and worried about them.
I, and all Austin-Healey owners, will miss him as a Healey resource, and I will miss a good friend to swap Healey lies with over a beer or a burger.  The ‘bowl of soup’ lunches at Fonbo, and the ice cream runs on a warm day will not be the same without him.
Go in peace my friend.
By your good friend
Earl Kagna
December 1, 1946  - November 23, 2011
Ror Moore
His love - working on healeys
His Gararge