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Vancouver Island Tour 2008
Uwe Broecker 1960 Austin Healey BT7
Sadly this an "in Memorium" entry
Brian Drab 1967 Austin Healey BJ8
Michael De Wilde 1964 Austin Healey BJ8
Our members are very proud of their cars. This showcase provides a place where club members can show their cars and relate some of the history and effort that has gone into them.  Each car tells a different story and in more cases than not, the lure of the Healey starts at a very young age and once you're hooked, it is hard to shake. 
Doubtless much of the enduring impressions this model leaves in the minds of enthusiast around the world is due to the beautiful clean lines and that unmistakable exhaust note.  Our members are no different.  Many owned a Healey when they were coming off the production line and often, were forced to part with their cherished car only to be reacquainted with the marque later in life. 
Hopefully by reading the stories of our members, one can recognise the affection for which we have for our cars.

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Members Showcase
Dave Larrigan  1956 Austin Healey  BN4
Neil Trelenberg    1961  Austin Healey BT7
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