Dave Howes

                    May 3, 1938   - August 7, 2019
A past member who was well known and much liked, has passed. Dave was a long time and well remembered member of the AHOABC during the 1980's & 1990's.
Born in Norwich, England, David immigrated to Canada in 1955 with his pre-deceased mother Kathleen, and father Sydney.
He joins his last and favourite wife Lorna, the love of his life in the great beyond.
David served with the RCAF from 1961-1966, spent his life in Vancouver working as an accountant. David was a true bon vivant, he enjoyed the pleasures of life, gourmet food and wine, the Austin-Healey, MG and COW (Cambridge Oxford, Westminster) car clubs.
One unique thing that many old-time club members recall was while his name was Dave he was known as  Jimordave!  Why?
Several current members recalled how this came about. It would seem that it started with Earl Kagna seeing a BJ8 being worked on by another club member with the vanity plate of “Howes” on it. At a later time, at a Healey function, Earl Kagna was introduced to Dave Howes-a New guy”. Earl , to this day,  feels that he was sucked in - by possibly Dave Kotow and Mike Hall  and,  remembering the earlier noticed vanity plate asked if it was Jim or Dave. Mike Hall immediately jumped on the in and exclaimed “that’s it  -  Jimordave. Apparently from that day on Dave Howes  was Jimordave.
This was awarded “official” status when, at a dinner at the residence of Jimordave, he had asked who wanted more wine.  But when Andy Jones thanked him, addressing him as Jimordave , one of his daughters who was present, said : ”Dad, they called you Jimordave  -  that’s so cool” or words to that effect.  The name stuck.
True or not it is a good story.
After his Healey years, Dave and several others formed the COW Club (Cambridge Oxford Westminster). I guess they wanted a little more creature comforts in a vehicle than a Healey could offer.
His celebration of life was appropriately held at the Billy Bishop Legion in Vancouver on Oct. 5th, 2019.