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In the years following, many events became rituals and cross border Tours and Meets became† very frequent and anticipated events. A very strong bond had developed between the West Coast Clubs.

In 1996, the club hosted the West Coast meet or Rendezvous as it began to be called, at Silver Star Resort near Vernon B.C. Once again the tradition of putting on outstanding meets was upheld.

2002 saw the club enter the electronic age with the introduction of itís website. This allowed for the saving of a large financial outlay every month by the publishing of Wings on the website. This has continued to the present day. Most club communication is now done over the website or on line.

In 2006 the club hosted the International West Coast meet at Nelson B.C. With 100 cars and over 235 participants. It was an unqualified success. The weather was perfect, the scenary was unbeatable. and the town of Nelson offered a very different perspective into a bit different way of life.

Membership over the years began to decline from a peak of over 200 to about 60, no doubt due to the age of the cars as well as the owners. The largest meeting turnout was 50.

2008 was the clubs turn to put on the North West Meet. This weekend event was held at Harrison B.C. and surprisingly saw more participants than had been anticipated. A good time was held by all.

2012 was the year chosen for the club to host the international Rendezvous. Once again the members rose to the challenge and a great meet was held at the Tigh Na Mara Resort on Vancouver Island.

2013 was a year spent in recovery mode from the maxiumum effort of putting on the 2012 Rendezvous, Other than several local tours and the North West Meet in Cle Elum Washington not a lot happened.

2014 was a much more interesting year. Under the leadership of an enthusiastic President, many events were scheduled and attended by the club. Enthusiasm ran high throughout the year. The year culminated in our putting on a great 2014 North West Meet in Penticton.

2015 Enthusiasm still reigned and 2015 was a good year. A great Rendezvous was held by the CAHC at Alderbrook on the Hood Canal and equally great NW meet at Eugene Oregan were the two big tours this year. Smaller events rounded out the season.

2016 At the Rendezvous the year before we committed to putting on the 2016 Rendezvous. The decision to host this meet was brought about by the fact that no one else was going to and the Pacific North West Clubs stood a good chance of not having a Rendezvous in 2016. At an all club meeting it was decided to have a "Rendezvous Lite" and to tone done the event. We were in a fortunate position that we were able to use the facilities of the Penticton Ramada hotel. We already had a good working relation with them and were familiar with their catering and other facilitesm byvirtue of having done our NW Meet there just 2 years previous. A committee was quickly formed and proceeded to organize an event that normally takes 2 years in 1. The event went without a hitch and was very well received.

2017 Was a busy year for the club. First major event of the year was the VanDusen ABFM, which was well attended as usual, then for a change from previous years, our apres ABFM BBQ was held at the University Golf Course. It turned out to be an excellent venue with great food. The North West Meet was put on by Oregon on the banks of the Columbia River. We are getting spoiled - a lot of great events. Then the Vancouver Island Tour! THis was an extremely well attended event that went all the way up to Port McNeil where we took over a Motor Hotel and had a superb BBQ in gorgeous weather. Later in the year we hosted a get together with a large group of Aussies touring before attending Healey Week in California. Several members attended Healey Week in Monterey. A new comer to meets was the first (and we hope not last) Potlatch held in Kennewick Washington. There where also several smaller more local events rounding out a excellent year.

Over the years,† we have seen the passing of members and ex-members. While to be expected it is no less hard to accept. In actual fact we lost two club Vice Presidents in 2009 and 2010- Uwe Boecker and Bill Waters - two very difficult people to replace.

Club membership currently stands at around the 100 mark. It is interesting to note that several of the original club members are still active and participating club members.

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