I made two versions but the one I would recommend is the second one I made with the ss braided hose. The parts needed are:

Clutch Hose Stainless BN4 to BJ8 available from British Parts Northwest Part no. GBH415SSBN48. This is likely a Goodridge hose that can be found at a variety of sources but BPNW is the best price.
Union is NAPA part no.  Brake Line Union BLI 6415015
Adapter is NAPA part no. Brake Line Adapter Fitting BLI 6413313
Call ahead to your local NAPA store and if they are not in stock they will ship from their warehouse the same day.
The original clutch bleeder is re-used.
Any questions give me a call on my cell 778-772-8501.
I have more pictures if needed

Regards.... Harold Manifold
The 2 types of remote bleeder lines, solid and flex.
Flex line installed
Solid Line installed
Remote Clutch Bleeder - 2 types
You will have to manufacture the bleeder steady bracket. Below are the drawings for these brackets
Bracket for flex line version
Bracket for solid line version