Two drivers owned by  Marjorie and Andrew Brims, Peachland.

1964 BJ8 purchased in Portland, Oregon, at Thanksgiving week end, 2005, and trailered home in a snowstorm with driving assistance from two teenage sons.
Major improvements were a complete drivetrain rebuild. Gearbox, overdrive, balanced driveshaft, rear axle pumpkin, and balanced rear wheel drums result in a like new car to drive. And no scuttle shake!

A second BJ8, this one is a 1965, an early phase 2 car with single front lights, was purchased to have a set of wheels while car one was convalescing. It provided a few surprises of its own, including a delaminated harmonic crank balancer.
Now we can car cruise with visiting family and friends from overseas, showing them some of our favourite backroad areas for seasonal viewing. And of course the cars are always a favourite for gala events like graduation and weddings.
The two Brims Cars