Uwe joined the AHOABC in early 2007. He had done what so many of us have done.

He began reliving a dream. In May of 1968 Uwe bought his first Healey, a 1969 100-6. This began the lifelong love of Austin Healeys. He sold the car in late 1969 when he moved back to Germany. He returned to Canada in 1972.In March 2007, he renewed his love for the Austin Healey and joined the AHOABC.

In April he purchased his dream car, a 1960 BT7, BRG. He became a very strong supportive member of the club. In December 2008 he was elected Vice President. He became a dynamic, Involved, and a very well motivated Vice President. He was an inspiration to us all.

Early in 2009, he casually announced that he would not be at meetings for a few months. He explained that he had to have a surgical procedure involving cancer. He missed all of the summer events but kept in touch. We learned that his treatment had not been going well and the cancer had spread. At the end of the summer, his family put on a BBQ and invited friends and club members. Uwe was also a member of the Langley Area Mostly British car club (L.A.M.B.) Together with the LAMB, we attended this event. It was a mini car show and really lifted his spirits. He explained that he wanted to hear the sound of the Healeys so all Healey drivers got in their cars and revved up their engines. Uwe had a grin from ear to ear.

A 69th birthday party was scheduled for September 15, but unfortunately Uwe went into hospital the day before. Later he came home to be with his family. Uwe’s family had kept the club apprised of his condition.

Uwe’s condition worsened, and on Oct 11 we received the word that we had not wanted to hear.

There is an awful lot to be said about a man like Uwe. He put his heart and soul into his involvement with the AHOABC and the LAMB. He was not one to shy away from tasks that needed doing and, in fact, performed them with a seldom seen zeal and enthusiasm.

He will be missed.
September 15, 1940 - October 11, 2009
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Uwe's Service
Uwe's Service
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