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at Don and Karenís in Chemainus and met up with the Vancouver Island contingent in the morning. Shortly after that we met up with the remainder of the group and headed North.

Our first stop was the Air Force Museum at Comox. We also visited the Spitfire restoration project nearby.  You think restoring a Healey is a big deal! You should see what they are doing. Basically they started with the remains of a Spitfire from a landfill and are essentially manufacturing every piece. Our host joked that they took one switch on the dash and are building a new plane around it. We then drove to Gold River on the kind of road a Healey owner dreams about. We managed to see a very large, well fed black bear lunching in a ditch beside the road. We stayed overnight at Gold River and did a little socializing. We got the first hint of rain that evening and everyone put up their tops.
Vancouver Island Tour 2008
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Items & Services For Sale

Healey Parts for Sale

Not sure what model they are off.


2 wire wheels, 60 spoke, good shape, painted with new tires and tubes and complete with splined hubs and knockoffs.

1 spare wheel, primed, no tire, fair condition.

2 rear springs with shocks and links. Shock look to be in good condition with no leaks.

2 rear hubs with bearings and seals.


Contact Brian Riggs at (604)583-3693 and you can negotiate a price.

60 Spoke Painted Wire Wheels

Four - 60 Spoke Painted Wire Wheels (BT7), Good condition, includes tubes, $50 each, would prefer to sell either in pairs or all four.


Contact Uwe Boecker (604)505-6540