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At 10:30am there was a 2 block lineupto get in.
2015 ABFM (1)
2015 ABFM (4)
2015 ABFM (5)
Jan had to leave her car at home so - What to do?
Chris Yarrow and his award winning 100M
Ivan's race ready car
2015 ABFM (11)
Ken Finnigan wins the
2015 ABFM (16)
Sarah Sanderson-Wilson 's award winning car
2015 ABFM (20)
2015 ABFM (23)
Cascade members know how to pass the time
2015 ABFM (29)
2015 ABFM (54)
2015 ABFM (18)
The BBQ at Nick and Olga's home
Lois advises on the upcoming Rendezvous
2015 ABFM (57)
ABFM Vancouver-Whistler Run
ABFM Vancouver-Whistler Run
ABFM Vancouver-Whistler Run
Andy and Michele
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2015 All British Field Meet
                                                     The 2015 ABFM at VanDusen Gardens

The 30th Annual British Field Meet was held on Saturday  May 16.
As is now the norm, the day dawned grey and cool with a perceived chance of a shower. On the drive to the Meet, we passed several other British Sports cars with a similar destination.
We arrived around 9am and thankfully there was no lineup on the street but things slowed at the registration point as we entered the park. 
Eventually we made our way to the designated Healey section which was slightly changed from previous years.
By 10am, the official opening time, there were 21 Healeys and about 8 Sprites both bug eyed and square bodied.
The park seemed fuller than normal with entered cars. In the past they have cut registrations at about 630 cars and I would say there was all of that there on this occasion.
The real mind blower was the numbers of spectators who toured the grounds. I have been going to this event for the last 6 years and have never seen so many spectators. By spectators I mean individuals who displayed a lot of interest in our cars as well as other marques.  At 10:30am the lineup to get into the park as a spectator stretched for 2 city blocks. Someone I was speaking to attributed it to the weather but the weather was no different than the previous 6 years.
There were some spectacular Healeys entered. Touring the park also showed there were beyond belief examples of virtually every make. An awful lot of work and money went into these cars.
At awards time, AHOABC members did well in the awards department and are to be congratulated.