The John Bumpus Memorial Vancouver Island Tour - 2017

It took some prodding but we finally got Earl Kagna and Don Manning to put together another Vancouver Island Tour.
This tour was very similar to the 2008 tour in routes. This tour was very well organized and Earl; and Don put a lot of thought into everything. In addition, Ann - Earl’s better half, handled the food arrangements for the Saturday BBQ at Port McNeill.
A total of 26 cars were registered for the event.  Tigh Na Mara, just outside Parksville, was chosen as the assembly point. 
The weather forecasts earlier in the week were not the most favourable - a mixture of clouds and showers looked like the best we would get.  A lot of people must have prayed to the Weather God because Friday morning was sunny with a smattering of clouds.
All 26 cars showed up at the assembly point. There was a good variety of participants from Islanders, to mainlanders and even some Cascade Club members. Earl gave a brief welcome address to everyone and laid out some instructions. With that many cars, it would not be possible to stay together as a group so he suggested breaking into small groups. Detailed instructions were given out and away we went.
The routes chosen were mainly secondary routes up to Campbell River and from there, there was only one primary route. The roads were excellent! 
Friday Lunch was at the Griffen Pub just outside Comox airbase. From there it was off to Gold River.
Our hotel in Gold River good for the area and we shared it with a large group of motorcyclists on a charity run. The pub, located next to the hotel was very out of place. It was something I would have expected in a large urban area. It was large and the service and food would be hard to beat anywhere.
On Saturday, various groups were of again.  Our group stopped at the Cable Café on the Sayward cut-off. This was a small café that several groups literally over ran. With one person cooking and one person do order taking waits were inevitable. My order was the longest and last to be brought out - 1 hour and 30 minutes, but the food was good.
From there it was off to Port McNeill to a very nice hotel. Once again, the weather gods smiled on us and the sun shone.
That evening a BBQ was held at a Kiosk on the grounds of the hotel. Ann West did a great job of liaising with the local IGA and great food was cooked up by Mike Dalzell and his passenger. The arrangement was perfect, creating a very nice social atmosphere and a lot of old “war stories” were shared. The outside festivities finished with a very nice sunset.
Sunday morning saw everyone concentrating on getting home. Once again it was great driving weather. The drive for us from Port McNeill to Campbell River was the kind that one can usually only hope for.  Beautiful driving road and absolutely no other traffic.
There didn’t appear to be any serious breakdowns to mar the event. And everyone had a good time. What else could you ask for.
Sincere thanks are owed to the tour organizers - Earl Kagna, Don Manning and Ann West. Our BBQ’s also are owed a honourable mention .
Brian Drab

Assembly at TighNaMara
Getting instructions from Earl
Arriving a Gold River
Gassing up in Campbell River)
Arriving a Cable Cookhouse for lunch
Ordering lunch at the Cable Cookhouse
Beautiful roads
ME ! - I thought you had the Map!
BBQ at Port McNeill
BBQ at Port McNeill
Sunset at Port McNeill
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2017 John Bumpus Memorial Vancouver Island Tour