62 BT7 Tricarb
Project Car

Here is your opportunity to own a Tricarb project car and if you want to purchase it as well, the rotisserie it is mounted on. This car has two hardtops, one of which will go with the car and one will be sold separately. The hardtops will be listed separately and will be offered on a first come, first served basis. First one to buy either the car or the hardtop will get their pick.

This Healey was purchased in December 1979, and in 1980, the owner started  restoration.  The car was then dismantled . As is often the case, a new business and other interests took over and reduced the time available for the restoration work.
The owner started to do panel repairs on the lower area of wings, rocker panels, door rear pillar and floor area. As well, the front crossmember was replaced.  There may be more left to do. It would appear that Moss Motors repair panels were used.
The project was eventually sidelined .
Eventually the owner moved to Vancouver Island and the car and parts were brought with him and stored in a storage container. Subsequently the car was garaged in it's current location. It has never been stored outside.

What to expect:

The motor and transmission/OD were removed from the car but have not been disassembled beyond carb removal.  There condition is not known.
Chrome is pitted and may need to be re-plated, depending on level of restoration.
The owner passed away recently after a brief illness, and the car is being offered for sale by the owner’s widow.  It is located on Vancouver Island near Parksville (Mid-Island) and is available for inspection.

The car is currently on a manufactured rotisserie, which is not included with the car,  but may be purchased separately - to go with the car.
The original dash shows the speedometer with an odometer showing  49,657 miles. It is not known if this the original mileage and is not to be taken as an indication that it is.
The hood grille is correct with vertical bars but it is not known if the proper main grille (vertical grill slats) is there.
  There is a grille from an earlier model (horizontal bars) as well as an Austin grille with the same bars that were used for replacement.
The car has been moved but it is thought that all the parts are with the car. Accordingly a buyer will want to go through the boxes and shelves to confirm the parts that are included.
The car was originally Healey blue, but was painted white at some point.  Engine compartment and frame remain blue.

B.C. registration documents with serial number available.

                                                    $10,000. Cdn


          If interested, or would like additional pictures, contact AHOBC member (Car Sold)
Front VIew
Contact:   Len Pettman at 250-804-3366    eMail - lpettman@telus.net