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Vancouver Island Tour 2008
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AHOABC members at Rendezvous. Mike Long was there but running around at the time.
We learned very quickly to avoid stations like this
This what came out of Michael's gas tank after fueling up at that gas station.
Not the way to make a grand entrance!
worked to 1:00am completely purging the fuel systems of 2 cars
Meeting up with the rest of out travelling companions the next morning.)
Lot's of help trying to figure out why Michael's car was still not running right.
The first order of business on arriving at the Rendezvous hotel
There were over 125 cars in the Popular Choice Show
Not a common sight. 8 Nash Healeys!
Believe it or Not - A Donald Healey prepared Ford Fiesta
One of many beautiful cars
Now this is a lot of BJ8's
Tech Session on location at the Sports Car Shop
Getting ready for one of the tours.
The winner of the BJ8 class - our own Michael De Wilde.
Michael De Wilde with Shona Nock and his first Place trohy
Time to say good by and head home
Saying goodby to our travelling companions.
Rendezvous 2010 was held in Eugene Oregon and was hosted by the Austin Healey Club of Oregon