Austin Healey Owners Association of British Columbia
Regalia Items
1.1. Grill Badge
2. .Visor
3. Coffee Mug
Travel Mug
Cloth Badge  3
The club has various Regalia items for sale. To order an item, make your selection(s) from the items on this page. Contact our Regalia person - Adrian Percival - at   Advise him the item(s) by Item Number and description that you wish to obtain.
Please total the amount oif your purchase. We accept both Visa and MasterCard.  Complete


Item #1.   Grill Badge     $50
Item #2      Visor - tan only    $10
Item #3      Ceramic Coffee Mug   $5
Item #4       Stainless Steel Travel Mug   $10
Item #5       Cloth Crest 3" X 2"    $5
Lapel Pin       $5
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