Rendezvous Meeting Sunday Oct 22/2023
In person - Harold, Andy, Adrian, Brian
Zoom -  Phil , Don(In the Atlantic), Mike, Geoff, Glen


Live auction vs raffle -  Phil advised that he felt that a live auction for
larger items was not well received or responded to. He felt that larger items
should be raffled and that the benefits would be greater. Discussion followed
and the majority opinion was that he was probably right. The mechanics of a
raffle would have to be figured out.

Car show location - Geoff advised that he has been unable to find a
suitable location with or nearby Sooke. Options for a location are running out,
the municipalities do not appear to want automotive related shows within
their boundaries and other locations were just plain not suitable for a variety
of reasons. Geoff will check out local campgrounds and possibly a Legion
The Enrico Winery appears to be the most suitable location for the car show.
Don has tentatively booked us the location for May 21st.  It has a couple of
drawbacks however, all of which can be overcome. There is no food on site.
The location would still be open to the general public (the winery is still a
functioning business( but these should nor offer much impact. Food trucks
can be arranged, and Don would look into that. The distance from Sooke is
one problem with a drive of 45 mins to an hour necessary to get to the site.
The possibility of starting the car show an hour earlier was discussed. This
would be to give the participants more time after the show to visit other
sites. The problem would be people would have to get up pretty early to get
to the show by 9AM. It bis not believed that the hotel could handle a heavy
influx of breakfast seekers early in the morning. The suggestion that the
hotel could offer a takeaway breakfast was discussed and ruled not feasible.
There was a brief discussion about combining the show with some other
event but it was decided that it would not be a wise move.

Concours - So far there is one Concours judging  request

Awards we are still looking at a minimal amount of 1st place awards and
Adrian has been examining having a design done that would be done on a 3D
printer. He knows someone who could do this at, he believes a reasonable
price. Again the subject of a well designed award certificate for 2nd place
awards was brought up be Adrian. Perhaps using the graphics from the
program as a base for the award certificate.

Tours - Discussion around sites for shop tours, the problem with all sites
discussed was lack of available parking. Several shops would probably not
welcome tours during business hours. Geoff advised he was OK with a tour of
his shop,  however he has virtually no parking available during business
hours. A tour after 5pm would be fine.
Self guided tours to be listed. Tour groups should set off in staggered groups
to lessen the chance of overwhelming restaurants.
Mike Roberts has suggested the Air Museum as a possible self guided Tour

Regalia -   Adrian advised he spoken to his supplier and has come up with
several good items.
Golf Shirt with embroidered logo - about $25,   Long sleeve T Shirt with silk
screen Logo and AH on sleeve - $36,  T shirt with just logo - $20,  
sweatshirt with ¼ zipper with embroidered logo -  $36, High quality vest with
Austin Healey Logo $90. These would not be Meet logoed but general club
or Healey Logo.
He will get lead time and cutoff times. All of these numbers are based on
minimum numbers, the more ordered - the price drops.  Will get commitment
that sizes are realistic and small.
All of the orders must be pre-ordered.
To do this we will have to have an online order page showing items, colours,
costs etc. Completed order pages will have to go to Adrian for the order, and
to Lawrence to handle the finances.

Sponsors - Phil and Kent to get in touch with each other re: Canadian
Sponsors and Advertisers.
Brian will attempt to contact Frederique Constant again to see if there is any
interest onm their part to sponsor the event.

Program - Brian showed the past two Rendezvous Programs that had been
produced for the events. It was agreed that the program for this event would
be similar. Brian will produce it but it will be printed professionally.

Ladies event - Don will contact Ann West re ideas.

The next meeting will be an in person meeting at Brians place on
Sunday Nov 5th at 10:00am .