May 5, 1950   - Dec 12, 2023


With sad hearts we send news of our friend and fellow Healey member, Mike Long.  He lost the battle with Cancer.   Mike will be missed by so many of us, his wealth of knowledge of all things Healey kept our cars running and trekking on adventures.  Mike was never to far away to lend a hand or give advice to listeners.
He was an active member in our club for years.
RIP my friend
Karen and Adrian Percival

     Perhaps the best summation of Mikes life would be in his own words:

When I first joined the Austin-Healey Club (1976), I owned a 1967 BJ8. In 1978 I bought my 100/4 and then owned the two Healey’s for several years. I used the BJ8 as my daily driver from 1974 until I sold it in 1980.
My first West Coast Meet, now Rendezvous, was in Bend Oregon in 1979. I had only owned the 100 for a short time when one Friday afternoon and thought, “What am I going to do this weekend?” I had heard there was a meet in Oregon for Austin Healey Car Clubs, so why not go? I drove home, packed a bag, and headed south. I had never been south of Seattle before and certainly never on my own. I had no idea where Bend was, and I didn’t bother to look at a map... Actually, I didn’t even have a map. I just followed the I-5 hoping to see an exit sign to Bend….
Luckily there eventually was, otherwise I would be visiting California
Heading east off the I-5 for an hour and a half towards Bend, having not seen any signs for a long while and not knowing how far was left to go, I pulled into a gas station to ask “how far to Bend?” when from behind I heard a voice “You going to the Healey Meet?” I turned around to see Greg Lowe, a long time BC Healey Club Member and a face I knew “just follow me” he continued. I thought great He knew the way and in fact he did, we actually got to there.
Once there, walking up to the hotel front desk, I mentioned I had not thought of getting a room, I had only decided to come down today. Greg simply said “no-problem” asked the desk clerk for the “Capone’s” room (Norm & Russ), Greg knew there was always going to be a party going on there, and so that is where we went. Once there, I met some new friends, and they welcomed me openly without reservation… and so it was also where I spent that first night. I have been to many meets since, but it is always your first one’s you remember the best. And the friends I met that first day; are still very, very good friends.
I still own the very same 100 and because of the car, I have met many additional friends, been to many places and seen many sites. I even made it to Australia this past year (I had always wanted to go) but the Healey made it happen.
Thinking forward, I can only hope more members take the opportunity to step up and work with the club. It is the people you meet; the times you spend and enjoy together that are most rewarding. Chances are those new found friends can ultimately become lifelong friends as I have found. It can also result in those friends inviting you into their homes and lives whether it is Langley, Portland, or Australia.
As I think about it, the Meets I have attended over the years, it is the end-of-day sitting in hotel rooms with friends. It is meeting for breakfast at 6 or 7 am and then going for the tours and drives that I enjoy the most.
I have had so much fun being a member of this club over the years, I cannot express. All the work I have done for the Club and with the Club, I have found truly worth it.

Your friend and AHOABC Club Member Since 1976: Mike Long.

Footnote: The following Caricature here was drawn by John Swann. I think he has made me look younger and even better looking than any photo could, so there was no need for a photo of me or my car.



Mike was a fixture within the Healey Community. He was the “Go To Guy” for Healey information on how to do anything Healey related. At the drop of a hat, he would be there to help you with any car problem. Who in the Pacific Northwest does not know his red V6 powered 100.
The “After the ABFM” BBQ’s at his UBC home were known to one and all and required a considerable amount of work to prepare for the hungry hoards that descended on his place after the ABFM . Who can forget the recycling yard across the lane from his place that was the source of many treasures over the years.
Mike was truly the kind of a guy that will live forever in our hearts and will be sorely missed..