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Vancouver Island Tour 2008
2012 Rendezvous - Tigh Na Mara, Parksville
Vancouver Island, B.C. (June 25 - June 29)
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Tigh na Mara view from the ocean
Ocean view suites
Arrival of some guests on Sunday
Cosy Cabin in the woods
Registration Monday
Welcome Banner - as usual stolen by n/k suspects
Meet & Greet - Monday
Meet & Greet  - group photo - Monday
Meet & Greet - lots of Hors d'ouvres
Meet & Greet - lots of door prizes
Car Show -  getting organized
Car Show - getting set up
Car Show -  a little R&R
Car Show
Car Show
Car Show
Car Show
Car Show
Car Show
Car Show  - humm - where will we put him?
Car Show  - the peanut gallery
Car Show
Car Show
Car Show
Car Show - a local artist found lots to paint.
Car Show
Car Show - the winner of the Best of Show Award
Car Show - The BBQ Lunch
Auction  - Getting ready for the auction
Auction - the fincial people getting set up
Auction - Lots to bid on
Auction - several pieces of Art were auctioned off.
Auction - Billie bids on the watch while Gord sits silently by.
Auction - more than one time piece was auctioned off.
Awards - The popular choice and other awards
Awards-The awards were truly one of a kind and beautiful
Awards-says it all!
Auction - Another piece of art
Concours Judging - ultimately got a Silver
Awards - proud award winner
Tech Sessions - outdoors for a change of pace
Tour 1- Leaving Tigh Na Mara Wednesday
Tour 1 - Last minute instructions
Tour 1 - Mini car show in a Port Alberni mall
Tour 1 Cascade Club goes to the Mars Water Bomber facility
Tour 2 - getting ready for the Thursday tour. Weather not so good!)
Tour 2  Nice drive,
Tour 2 - Spitfire restoration project
Banquet on Thursday night
Banquet- Inevitable lineup for food, but it moved quickly
After dinner - the second part of the auction
Auction at Dinner - Several big ticket items were auctioned off
Auction at Dinner - and of course all of the posters and signs.
Rendezvous 2012 was held at Tigh Na Mara, near Parksville on Vancouver Island British, Columbia, Canada. It was held on June 25 - 29th and was hosted by the Austin Healey Owners Association of British Columbia. 99 cars attended with approx 235 participants.