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I have the following assorted parts for sale:
A 3-main bearing 1800 MG engine for sale. It is currently on eBay.   It is an unopened original 1964 MGB unit for rebuild.   Also fits MGA as it has a mechanical tach drive.    So a bolt-in 50% power increase‎ with no visible difference from stock engine!

A 2.6 litre Healey engine dismantled, block and head only, (no crankshaft)‎ from scrapped 58 100-Six.     Original matching Chassis ID plate comes with it.

Various 6-cylinder engine parts big and small.  

A mostly complete BJ8 gearbox with an excellent gear set, except for the input gear, which is gone.    

Differentials, 4.1 ratio, a rear axle housing

‎And a good pair of original pre-BJ8 rear springs.   Plus rear hubs, axle shafts, etc.

Contact: Rick at

                      Healey 3000 Engine and parts
Paul Grehan       604-377-7095   

Late model (December 1967) 2.9L Healey 6 (s/n:  29K/RU/H/17188)
Properly stored 5 years ago
Compression at that time was between 145 and 155
No smoking and engine was strong
Needs new gaskets as it leaks
Includes everything except intake and alternator
Includes pertronix electronic ignition
67,000 miles on it
Head appears to have had some work

Misc Parts
2.9L starter
Big Healey regulator
Austin Healey 100 original owners Manual and other original documents

   Original Owners Manual with 1954 date stamp from Fred Deeleys
    Owners operating manual for Norman deLaycock Overdrive
    Installation and adjustment manual for Lucas driving lights
    Sales Brochure for the original car

              All these documents came with the purchase of an Austin Healey 100 in 1954
                                                                      $150 Cdn
                                      Contact  for details on condition

100 Owners Manual
100 Owners Manual page
Laycock d'Normanville O' drive sales brochure.900
Lucas Driving Lights owners instructions
100 sales Brochure
100 sales brochure page 2
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