BJ7 BJ8 Windshield
BJ8 Parts
Contact Craig   604 519 8229
New Chrome Knock Off - one only

Left Side, Thread Size - 12 T.P.I
Fits Big Healeys but not BJ8
Brand new - never used -   $25

I have the following assorted parts for sale:
A 3-main bearing 1800 MG engine for sale. It is currently on eBay.   It is an unopened original 1964 MGB unit for rebuild.   Also fits MGA as it has a mechanical tach drive.    So a bolt-in 50% power increase‎ with no visible difference from stock engine!

A 2.6 litre Healey engine dismantled, block and head only, (no crankshaft)‎ from scrapped 58 100-Six.     Original matching Chassis ID plate comes with it.

Various 6-cylinder engine parts big and small.  

A mostly complete BJ8 gearbox with an excellent gear set, except for the input gear, which is gone.    

Differentials, 4.1 ratio, a rear axle housing

‎And a good pair of original pre-BJ8 rear springs.   Plus rear hubs, axle shafts, etc.

Contact: Rick at