North West Meet 2019
                                                    North West Meet 2019
                                                             Sequim, WA
                                                       September 12 - 15th

The weather forecasts leading up to the North West Meet were very gloomy with rain predicted every day.
On Thursday Sept 12 Carole and I met yup with Rick and Marti Bjorndahl and drove - top up to the border where we met Gord and Billie McLachlan also top up. It should be noted that the weather at this time was slightly cloudy with no rain. We got as far as Fairhaven in Bellingham where Gordy couldn’t stand it any longer and put his top down.  We followed suit, lowered our top and headed for the Chuckanut. By now the weather was clearing. The Chuckanut - as usual - was a beautiful drive. We stopped for a snack at the Farmhouse restaurant and met Art Clendenan and Susan White. After a quick drive to Coupeville we boarded the ferry for Port Townsend. From Port Townsend it was only about an hour drive to Sequim and the Holiday Inn Express where the event was held.
A large group had gathered on the roof top garden and much socializing took place. As it got later in the day some showers moved in however most of the chairs and tables were under a canopy which kept us dry. After some went to dinner the group reconvened in the hotel breakfast room for some socializing. This room soon became the go to meeting place during the meet. The day was dry. It rained later during the night.
The following morning, after an included hot breakfast, a guided tour provided us with the rural sights around Sequim. At the conclusion of the tour we were treated to tours of 2 car collections of the locals. The cars and airplane on view were spectacular and show a lot of restoration patience. The owners of these collections actually did the majority of the work themselves. The day was slightly cloudy with no rain.
A very well stocked Meet and Greet was held in the hotel banquet room That evening. If you went hungry it was because you didn’t want to eat! The food was very good. An added bonus was this, and the other events in the hotel were BYOB.
After the meet and greet some people went out to dinner. Later in the evening a large group again met in the hotel breakfast room and continued socializing.
Saturday morning, after breakfast, we attended a Cars and Coffee get together at a local coffee shop where we had the opportunity to see some very nice vehicles and meet some very nice people.
Shortly after that a tour left for Crescent Lake - a beautiful lake a couple hours west of Sequim. Most importantly the day was again dry!
The Banquet was held that night in the hotel Banquet room. Ribs, Chicken, and Beef were the main courses with the usual accompaniments. Again, it was BYOB. Once again after the dinner a group met in the breakfast room to continue socializing.
The next morning it was off home via the Port Townsend ferry and the Chuckanut. The drive started out in a slight drizzle which within an hour had stopped. By the time we reached Vancouver the sky was blue and it was sunglasses time.
The Cascade club is to be complimented on a great meet, well organized and in a very interesting location with a very cooperative hotel. It doesn’t get much better.