The West Coast Meet at Nelson B.C., 2006

The 30th Annual Austin Healey meet was held July 24th - 28th 2006 at Nelson B.C. The meet brought together the owners and family of almost 100 Austin Healeys from all over North America. There were visitors from as far afield as Australia and Switzerland. The weather was beautiful and fun was held by all.

The roads around Nelson were tailor made for Healeys and several local drives were held. Stops were made at the local craft shops and the cars caused much excitement among the vendors. The drives required ferry rides (free) and it was amusing to watch the reaction of the ferry staff as they realized there whole ferry was full of 40 year old cars. One crewman was overheard on his radio as he talked to his counterpart on the opposite shore, saying” You aren’t going to believe what we’re bringing over!”

The hotel was a beautiful location, located right on the river. Nelson itself is an old town built in the late 1800’s. it is full of charm and friendly people. There was always somewhere interesting to walk to or eat and drink at.

The car show and popular choice was held in a nearby park and was itself a beautiful location. The auction and events held in the hotel went smoothly with the auction generating a lot of excitement.

A spirited Tech Session was hosted by Earl Kagna.

It was a long drive to Nelson for most everyone but it was well worth it. Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves.

Rendezvous 2006 Nelson B.C.
The drive up to Nelson
The first of several ferry rides
Everyone on the ferry
LKunch stop on the way to Rendezvous
Registration for the meet
Regfalia Room
Meet and Greet
Meet and Greet
Hotel Parking Lot
Hotel Parking Lot
Lining up for the car show
All lined up for the car show
Don't know how the middle car sneaked in!
Tech Session
Room Party
Everyone had fun!
Off on the tour
Lining up for another ferry
Wasn';t much room for anyone else
Parking for a crafts store
The ladies were at the craftys stores
The last ferry ride